If you wish to transfer nights to a family member here are all the details you need.

The rights to a package can be transferred exclusively to first-degree relatives (a first-degree relative is one's child, sibling or parent, husband or wife) by paying 10% of the booking price for each reservation (minimum transfer fee is 10 USD). However, it is strictly prohibited to resell a package or use it for other commercial purposes.


For example: if you prefer to transfer (3)three nights to your mother, the transfer fee will be 30$.

The transfer fee must be deposited into your Onyxum account via E-Wallet before starting the reservation process.

We will also need documents proving your first-degree relationship with the guests (such as passports, birth certificates, etc.).


After making the necessary payment, you can send a booking request using the Booking Feature in your profile.

The Regulations for after-generated vouchers.

Once your Booking reservation is made and you have generated vouchers, then your Hotel booking is final. Things are different once you have a final voucher for your hotel reservation.,