Please kindly note that your email is not accepting our validation emails, please use the guide below to Validate your email. 
Please make sure you use 1 Device for all the steps below. If you use your Mobile or a different device to validate the link in the email it will not Validate your email. 
In the Picture, you have 2 Boxes that have number 1 and 2 in red. 
When this page is shown to you it means that your email needs to be updated with a new address that could be validated. Please kindly note this is not a suspension. Due to the rejection of Onyxum autoresponders, we need your consent and validation of email in order to send Notifications and reminders. 
Number 1 
You need to press BlueBox to receive the validation email. Please make sure you have checked your Spam Box. If you received the Validation email Please follow the instruction in the email and you would be redirected to your Onyxum Dashboard 
If you did not receive any Email from Onyxum. 
Please use the link in BOX 2. 
• Step one, you need to register a new email address preferably with a new email provider 

• Step Two, is to press on the link in Box 2 and you will be redirected to the following page 


On this page, you have been granted access to check and Modify your personal information. 
Under the Contact Information, you have the option to change your email address. Please copy-paste your new email in the highlighted box and press continue. 
• Step Three, Consequently, Due to the change in Personal information, you will be asked to confirm the policies and procedures and IBO agreement, that you need to checkmark. 

After checking the box please press Continue. 
• Step Four, you will be back on the first Page Please make sure your email is registered correctly and check your new email Inbox and Spambox for Onyxum email and validate your new email address. 
Please kindly note that you should have received the validation email, validated your new email and redirected to your profile dashboard after these procedures. 
In any case, If the emails are not received again you need to change your email provider to have an email that receives our validation emails. You may need to do these steps with different emails in order to have your email validated. 

Thank you for your cooperation.