Can the dates of the hotel reservation be divided to stay at different locations during different periods?

Yes, there is the option to split the dates of hotel reservations to stay at different hotels during different periods. Here is an example:

You have purchased a package that is valid for 3 years and offers 8 nights of hotel accommodation per year in Country X, Y, Z, O and P. There are numerous combinations of reservations you may choose, but here is one example:

During the first year, you can stay 5 nights in Country X and 3 nights in Country Y. During the second year, you can stay 8 nights in Country Z, and during the third year, you can stay 4 nights in Country O and 4 nights in Country P.

The only limitation is that you can make a maximum of 2 reservations in a single year, starting at the time of reservation and ending 360 days later. For more requests in a single year, there will be a 20 USD fee for each additional reservation in a single year.