a.     Have your family member registered as a Customer in Onyxum.com (it is free).

b.     Have the transfer fee ready in your Onyxum E-wallet (10% of the Hotel Points amount you would like to transfer, the minimum fee amount is 10 USD). 

c.     From your Onyxum account, send a ticket with the subject of “Transferring Hotel Points” containing: 

Onyxum ID (username) of your first-degree family member;

  • Document(s) that provides proof of your relationship with the main guest (such as passports, birth certificates, etc.);

  • The amount of Hotel Points that you would like to transfer to your family member. 


A customer service agent will review your request and transfer the hotel points to your family member’s Onyxum account once your documents are approved. Then after, your family member shall login to his/her account and book their preferred hotel room via Onyxum Booking Platform.