For creating a new request, simply go to the "Support" section in the main menu and click on "New Ticket". You must then complete the following steps:

1- Specify the subject for your request.

2- Write your request in the content section.

3- If you need to send a file, use the file section.

4. Click Send.

Our specialists will then do their best to help you and resolve any issues you may have encountered.

To follow up with your support request, go to the "My Tickets" section. In this section, you can see if a support agent has sent you a reply or not. If you want to answer, you can reply right away. The entire conversation will be consolidated in one place; this will allow greater efficiency and ease for you to access all conversations with just a few clicks.

For each Ticket, there are three different statuses:

1- RED: Waiting for the operator’s response

2- YELLOW: Waiting for the user’s reply

3- GREEN: The request has been completed.

All your support requests will be saved on the platform for as long as you maintain an account with Onyxum; you will, therefore, never lose any information or conversation and will be able to access them at any given time.